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    increases security and improves productivity.

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Watch our video with Mr. Furtado and see how leaving your telecom management to us saves money, increases productivity and improves data security.

Big savings without
all the fun and games.

If your company supports 50 phone lines or more, Spring Telecom offers you a low-cost, high-quality alternative to traditional telecom service. We keep your costs way down and your productivity way up with our ability to:

  • Save up to 40% on your phone bills
  • Limit access to games, social media or videos on company time
  • Improve data security on mobile devices

Reduce your telecom cost by up to 40%.   Get a Quote

Increased Savings

With today’s challenging economy, some companies will do just about anything to save money. That’s the beauty of Spring Telecom. You don’t have to take any extreme measures to save money. In fact, we roll out the red carpet. Our ‘complete service’ solutions are like flying business class for an economy fare.

For most companies, telecom service costs are greater than their IT services, software and data center costs combined. That’s why Spring Telecom can have such a huge impact on your bottom line.

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Optimized Data Security

Our Mobile Device Management (MDM) technology gives you greater control over the security of each mobile device in your company. If a mobile phone is lost or stolen, you can simply deactivate the data on that device, therefore protecting your company data. You can also control the level of access different employees have to specific types of data.

Higher Employee Productivity

We understand how important productive employees are to your business. That’s why we make it possible for you to block access to things like games, social media or videos on company mobile devices. It’s a simple feature we offer that can help you increase productivity by up to 20%.

Call it ‘less fun’ if you like, but our approach gives you complete control over the tools you share with employees. It can also help you reduce data costs. Of course, if social media or videos are a part of your team’s job description, by all means give them access. It’s completely up to you!

Full-Service Telecom Management

Most companies lack the resources and the training to take on cost-cutting telecom initiatives effectively. Spring Telecom not only saves you money, we remove the headache of managing all your mobile and fixed lines.

We assist you with vendor management, plan selections, cost monitoring, device inventory, service requests and software installation. We also provide you with detailed reports on your costs – down to each individual employee.

Reduce your telecom cost by up to 40%.   Get a Quote

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